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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Free disability answer guide

Instructions and Help about Free disability answer guide

Hi my name is attorney Walter was not the third and what we doing today is answering the question for you from the representative capacity of disability resolution PA and Lando based disability law so the question I'm going to ask is why I ask every single claimant the question is simple but it is very very complex to answer and you will fail the first time it's just how it works the question is mr. Shawn stop mrs. so-and-so why can't you do the work that which you once did now when I ask that question I'm asking within the past 15 years so it was 2022 that since 2022 it's 2022 that's 2001-2022 as 2022 why can't you do the work that which you once did within the past 15 years seems like a pretty simple question you'll undoubtedly give a cute answer by well the pain is bad you know I can't do it at all God is a completely worthless answer there's no point to even saying it unless you're going to structure it correctly so this is how you do it okay number one list all of your disability starting with your head and going to your toes that's brake number one down from your head that means all of your mental disability is inside the crash and panic attacks schizoaffective disorder bipolar mood swings whatever move from your head down to your toes like a scanner for physical well I trauma to my head on such a sub state which causes the Adi Adi out of pain okay then after you've done that we go on to step two list all the jobs that which you had in the past 15 years step 3 explain what you could do at those jobs that you can no longer do step 4 explain the side effects of your medication in detail and let me give an example if you have pain you take pain medication describe it the pain would be like without the pain medication and with the pain medication you describe with the pain medication should make sure you don't forget to say how long the pain medication actually lasts final one has explained what you can't do simple basic jobs basic jobs the jobs for example like tying shoelaces into shoes being an almond Blanchard being a security guard that sits in one location that only has to report that's it pretty simple right try writing it out get good at it because you're not gonna be able to have that piece of paper in front of you when you go to court because then it looks like you're greedy you don't want that instead have it memorized up to the point where you have it down because that is the accurate correct answer you should be giving for that question I want to thank you so much my name is attorney Walter if not the third I want to remember.


Can I bring answers on a paper to help my doctor fill out my ADA disability questions?
Yes, you can.When I go see a doctor, I take several typed listsa) Current conditions ….. list the condition, date of original diagnosis, doctor who I see for itFor me, this includes COPD, Liver Failure, Kidney Disease, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cataracts, Ulcers, BTK Amputations, CellulitusWhere possible, on a separate “current condition” page - I include a comment of how this affects me in terms of disability levels.b) Surgical History…….list what surgery, when and if possible who was the surgeonThis includes cholecystectomy (gall bladder), Coronary By-Pass, amputations, debridement, chest reconstruction, etc.c) Current Medicaitons…. list the medicine, dosage, frequency, and prescribing doctord) Current Doctors/care-givers…. list all doctors or medical professionals I am currently seeingFor me, this includes my current (or most recent) primary care doctor, current cardiologist, current endocrinologist, current vascular surgeon, current nephrologist, with their addresses and phone number.I keep this “packet” fully updated, so that when I see a new doctor, I can just hand it to them …. and on forms they ask me to fill out, I just write “See Attached List”I give it to them - I keep my own copy at home on my computer. That is theirs, and every doctor’s office that I have been to has appreciated the work involved in maintaining that record.At the bottom of each page, I leave a space marked “Physician’s Signature”With my annual Disability Reviews from my insurance company, many doctors simply attach that either the whole packet, or just the relevant pages, with their signature, to any forms that are to be filled out.I give them this packet to be sure that everything is covered. They are not obligated to use that information, but it helps them to have a complete listing of all the possible issues and situations so they can make a clear determination of what is best. And no one except you can ever really know for sure what all those details are. So, make sure that they have the complete record.You are providing a history / background - NOT telling them what to put on the form, but simply insuring that you have provided all the pertinent information.It is your responsibility to make sure that your medical team has all the information, they won’t have it otherwise. Keep your records up to date, be able to prall the above information quickly, and always be ready to give a copy of that list to any medical provider.
How can you get your family doctor to fill out a disability form?
Definitely ask for a psychologist referral!  You want someone on your side who can understand your issues and be willing and eager to advocate for you with the beancounters because disability can be rather hard to get some places, like just south of the border in America.Having a psychologist means you have a more qualified specialist filling out your papers (which is a positive for you and for the government), and it means you can be seeing someone who can get to know your issues in greater depth and expertise for further government and non-profit organization provided aid.If seeing a psychologist on a regular basis is still too difficult for you, start with your initial appointment and then perhaps build up a rapport with a good therapist through distanced appointments (like via telephone, if that is easier) until you can be going into a physical office.  It would probably look good on the form if your psychologist can truthfully state that you are currently seeking regular treatment for your disorders because of how serious and debilitating they are.I don't know how disability in Canada works, but I have gone through the process in the US, and specifically for anxiety and depression, like you.  Don't settle for a reluctant or wishywashy doctor or psychologist, especially when it comes to obtaining the resources for basic survival.  I also advise doing some internet searches on how to persuasively file for disability in Canada.  Be prepared to fight for your case through an appeal, if it should come to that, and understand the requirements and processes involved in applying for disability by reading government literature and reviewing success stories on discussion websites.
How do I tell my doctor to fill out my ADA mental disability documents for my job?
Schedule a consultation time with your doctor regarding the documents. Then ask if they will kindly fill them out. I hand carry any documents I need my doctor to complete with me to my appointment and they never have a problem completing them either at that time, if they are not too in-depth or will make them available for me to pick up in a day or two or mail them back to me if they require an amount of time beyond a normal appointment.
Why do people answer questions on Quora?
TL,DR: Contributing to the community, sense of accomplishment in being able to help someone and to pranswers to the questions I’m most often asked :)Expanding on the above points:Contributing to the community: I have been using Quora for over 4–5 years now. I stopped using Quora for a period of time in between, but otherwise it has been a constant go-to site for me, much like Facebook. I’ve spent countless nights reading answers on Quora. Some funny answers, some life stories and some helpful answers. I always wondered if I could contribute to this community somehow, and in doing competitive programming, I have found just the means. Now, I write to contribute to this community I have gained so much from, in the hope that I inspire someone to do the same down the line.Helping others: I have studied everything I have learnt in competitive programming from online resources. Although most of these are on sites like CodeForces, Quora has also played its part. In particular, the best thing I have learnt on Quora is Dynamic Programming, from Michal Danilák’s answer: Tutorial on dynamic programming - top-down (memoization). This answer is everything I needed to know about basic DP and how to approach such problems. I hope to write an answer someday that can be as helpful. For now, I’m starting with the more basic questions.Frequently Asked Questions: As an active member of Competitive Programming community in India for the last 2 years, I receive a lot of queries on “How to start with Competitive Programming” or “Where should I learn C++ from”, etc. I have no issue with such questions, but I figured that writing an informative, elaborate answer on Quora by giving 1–2 hours to it would be better in the long run than answering these queries separately and in a hurry. This way, both the parties gain: One gets a more elaborate answer and the other does not have to write the same thing over and over again.If that isn’t more than enough, encouraging words of appreciation from occasional followers is a huge boost in itself :D
What personality tests are good, free, and on the internet to fill out?
Many free personality assessments are fun, but not really useful.  It depends on what you are looking for. If the 'test' provides you with results but no way to use the information (no interpretation of your results, no debrief, no access to a trained consultant) then you have data with potentially no understanding, no context or no way to apply the results. Unless you can find the content and consultant on your own you have to consider what you will do with the results.  Finding a 'test' that is based on well known personality constructs and not one that makes up it's own personality factors is generally a better idea. Look for tests that offer you information on how they were created and what they were validated with (if the results are repeatable and how well they measure what they say they are measuring).I use an on-line assessment tool for Jungian Personality type assessment called Typefocus.com  - there is a free version and the option for a more detailed paid result. I have used this assessment for 8 years and find it's validity as good as any out there for measuring Jungian personality type (it uses the same jungian functions as the MBTI, against which it has been validated). The reason I use this assessment is that there is also a lot of data related to personality type available in general and many trained interpreters you can tap into once you obtain your results. I have assessed many, many on-line personality assessments over the years and there are a lot that you can have fun with and others you will find more useful.
How do I fill out the disability forms so well that my claim is approved?
Contact Barbara Case, the founder of USA: Providing Free Advocacy & Support She's incredible!
On any number of blank multiple choice questions, is it better to fill in each answer with the same answer (e.g., "C" over and over), or fill out each answer randomly?
Let us take the CFA L1 exam as an example:There are 240 three-choice questions (33% probability of a correct answer for each question).Assuming a passing score of 70%, we need to get at least 240 * 70% = 168 correct answers to succeed.If we pick all Cs (in the case of a 3-choice MCQ) we can expect a score of 33%*240 = 80 but we are sure to fail (assuming correct choices of As, Bs and Cs are equally distributed), while if we choose randomly, our expected score should also be 80 but our range of results will go from 0 to 240, so we should go for this option. For each chosen number of correct answers we have a binomial distribution with a mean of np = 240 * 33% = 80 and a standard deviation of [np(1-p)]^0.5 = 7.3. Therefore, the minimum threshold of 168 is about 12 σ away from the mean which means chances of succeeding by randomly picking As, Bs or Cs are infinitesimal. a) The probability of 168 correct answers in whatever order out of 240 questions is 240! * (1/168!) * [1/(240-168)!] * (33%^168) * [(1-33%)^(240-168)].We must also account for 169 correct answers, 170, 171... until 240, and sum all those amounts.b) We can also use the Excel BINOMDIST function and calculate 1 - BINOMDIST(167, 240, 1/3, TRUE) to find the cumulative probability from 168 to 240 correct answers. We find a very small figure of order E-15 (which happens to be negative, should be positive, probably Excel cannot handle such a small figure).This is the probability to succeed in passing the CFA L1 exam by randomly choosing between As, Bs or Cs.As a conclusion, we have the choice between picking all Cs (0% success rate) and picking randomly between As, Bs and Cs (infinitesimal success rate, but infinitely better than 0%).The smart choice is the second one, and the real smart choice is to study for the exam.
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