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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Free disability answer guide

Instructions and Help about Free disability answer guide

Hi my name is attorney Walter was not the third and what we doing today is answering the question for you from the representative capacity of disability resolution PA and Lando based disability law so the question I'm going to ask is why I ask every single claimant the question is simple but it is very very complex to answer and you will fail the first time it's just how it works the question is mr. Shawn stop mrs. so-and-so why can't you do the work that which you once did now when I ask that question I'm asking within the past 15 years so it was 2022 that since 2022 it's 2022 that's 2001-2022 as 2022 why can't you do the work that which you once did within the past 15 years seems like a pretty simple question you'll undoubtedly give a cute answer by well the pain is bad you know I can't do it at all God is a completely worthless answer there's no point to even saying it unless you're going to structure it correctly so this is how you do it okay number one list all of your disability starting with your head and going to your toes that's brake number one down from your head that means all of your mental disability is inside the crash and panic attacks schizoaffective disorder bipolar mood swings whatever move from your head down to your toes like a scanner for physical well I trauma to my head on such a sub state which causes the Adi Adi out of pain okay then after you've done that we go on to step two list all the jobs that which you had in the past 15 years step 3 explain what you could do at those jobs that you can no longer do step 4 explain the side effects of your medication in detail and let me give an example if you have pain you take pain medication describe it the pain would be like without the pain medication and with the pain medication you describe with the pain medication should make sure you don't forget to say how long the pain medication actually lasts final one has explained what you can't do simple basic jobs basic jobs the jobs for example like tying shoelaces into shoes being an almond Blanchard being a security guard that sits in one location that only has to report that's it pretty simple right try writing it out get good at it because you're not gonna be able to have that piece of paper in front of you when you go to court because then it looks like you're greedy you don't want that instead have it memorized up to the point where you have it down because that is the accurate correct answer you should be giving for that question I want to thank you so much my name is attorney Walter if not the third I want to remember.

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